Think You Have Bed Bugs? How To Know And How To Get Them Out

Think You Have Bed Bugs? How To Know And How To Get Them Out

19 October 2022
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Bed bugs are feared by many people as they can cause itchy bites and can be unnerving. If you are waking up with bites on your ankles and legs, this may be the reason. There are ways to know for sure if you have bed bugs, however, so you will then know how to treat them. Keep reading so you can take care of this problem. 

How To Know You Have Bed Bugs

The main area you will see bed bugs is around your mattress. Look at the folds of your mattress and you may see small red or black dots which are bed bug excrement. You may see shed skin where baby bed bugs hatch. 

You need to remove the comforter, blankets, and sheets from your bed to do a full inspection.  The bugs generally only come out at night, so they may be hard to see. If you are infested with them, however, you may see the bugs running around your mattress area. Turn the mattress over and look underneath it as well. You may see dark spots on your sheets from bed bugs dying. 

Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs can become a big problem fast and can be hard for you to get rid of on your own. Because of this, contact a pest control company immediately if you determine you have these bugs in your home. 

The pest control company will do their own inspection to make sure you do have bed bugs. They will then come up with a treatment plan. They may choose to use pesticide dust to kill the bed bugs. Heat treatment is also often used as high heat kills all bed bugs. With this, special heaters are used in the room. The entire room is closed up so the heat does not escape. Bed bugs will quickly die, and this is one of the best treatment options available. 

The pest control company may also encase your mattress to kill bed bugs that may be hiding there. They may inject a pesticide into cracks and crevices that bed bugs could be hiding in. Some pest control companies even use dogs to help them locate where bed bugs are hiding in your home. The pest control company may suggest more than one treatment if your home is infested with bed bugs to ensure they are all gone. 

Talk with the pest control contractor to learn more about bed bug control

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